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Our teachers

Mykhailo Boichenko

Mykolaiv, Kyiv

A teacher of mindfulness. Leader of trainings and training programs for the improvement of emotional intelligence. Provides individual and group training in the technologies of modern meditation to solve problems related to business, professional activities and personal projects. Experience of personal practice for 15 years.

Iryna Boichenko

Mykolaiv, Kyiv

Psychologist, certified teacher of the practice of mindfulness, leading educational programs and training for the development of emotional intelligence and emotional competence, more than 10 years of practice and teaching techniques of modern meditation to solve personal and business problems.

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Іnna Maksymenko


MBSR certified teacher at the international academy Solterreno (Spain). Psychologist in the CBT approach. 10 years of my own work with awareness, more than 2000 meditation hours, this year I have already conducted 2 MBSR courses, provide regular mindfulness classes, ongoing counseling in the CBT method, and participate in volunteer programs to support Ukrainians.

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