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Ukrainian Mindfulness Teachers Association

A community of mindfulness teachers and specialists who use mindfulness techniques in their professional activities.


UMTA's public statement on Russia's war against Ukraine 

and Russian policy of genocide against Ukrainians

About mindfulness method

The mindfulness practice is a scientifically based method of training attentiveness and awareness. It aims to develop attention management skills, as well as other qualities based on the experience of attentiveness: emotional self-regulation, stress resistance, productivity, kindness, clarity in communication with oneself and others, etc.


The mindfulness method is based on the synthesis of contemplative practices and a scientific evidence-based approach. It does not contain religious or esoteric components. It was created by neuroscientist, professor of medicine John Kabat-Zinn in 1979. The method exists both: as an independent practice and as a part of psychotherapeutic and medical approaches to improve human well-being.

About us

We are a community of people who care about the development of maturity and mindfulness not only at the level of an individual but also at the level of the community, business, and state. Our goals are the support and development of the community of mindfulness teachers in Ukraine, as well as the formation of a culture of mindfulness and the popularization of mindfulness practices in various spheres of life.


In our work, we are based exclusively on modern scientific facts, we actively use meta-researches in neurophysiology and data from related scientific disciplines. We are open to cooperation with all institutions that are aware of the significant role of a person’s development in the development of society as a whole.

You can read the community values manifesto at the link below:

Benefits of participation

Why join a community?

Each person has his own zone of influence. By uniting, we multiply it. To build ecological and ethical cooperation, and to improve the world in which we live with our efforts and resources.

What can I gain by joining UMTA?

As a community, we strive to support mindfulness teachers at every stage of their professional development, and we also invite you to participate in the educational activities of the Association.

How will UMTA help me in my professional development?

Each participant gets access to a "professional standard" mindfulness teacher package, which facilitates the introduction and work with a group or individually, according to international best practices.

How can I express myself at UMTA?

To unite with other mindfulness teachers, to organize and hold open or closed (corporate) events popularizing the method in society.

What are the other advantages of joining UMTA?

Each participant can present their personal brand as a mindfulness teacher on the UMTA website and undergo regular professional evaluation of the mindfulness teacher competencies, with an extensive coaching session based on the results and professional development planning and recommendations from a mentor.

How will I understand that we're going in the same direction?

UMTA members share such universal human values as love and compassion, non-violence and mutual respect. As professionals, we value honesty and openness, choose the path of experimentation, constant learning and moving forward. We strive to clearly understand our own capabilities and limitations, as well as to realize and increase our professional competence and help others in this.

Join us

The path to becoming a member of UMTA consists in several stages:


An Intent Questionnaire that includes basic contact information about you and your intention to become an UMTA member.


An extended questionnaire about your educational institution, course or program, after which you decided to teach mindfulness practices, about your personal practice and teaching activities.


An understandable questionnaire about mindfulness, your understanding of what kind of approach it is, systems of training within the framework of mindfulness and several practical cases to solve for a teacher mindfulness teacher.

The size of the entrance fee for 6 months is UAH 1000. Contributions support the above activities of the Association for its members, as well as cover regular costs for the development of the UMTA website, administration, accounting and legal support.

Database of knowledge

Our contacts

+380 93 120 23 44

Kyiv, 2022

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