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To create a mindfulness teacher package

we use our experience as follows:

  • business —  "what agreements and expectations are, what contract and rules are",

  • psychological — "how to correctly ask about psychological health, traumas, a request for training in mindfulness practices, what are the features of training for adults",

  • teaching mindfulness practices — "the most common questions, problems you may encounter, how to facilitate the process of teaching mindfulness, what expectations belong to the mindfulness method and what do not."


The Mindfulness teacher's package is constantly updated.

Today it contains the following elements:

  1. Teaching agreement on rights and areas of responsibility in the process of mindfulness training (in the case of individual support or training of a group of people).

  2. Public offer template for a public event that can be placed on your own website/mindfulness teacher website resource.

  3. Questionnaire for a potential client of a mindfulness practitioner (how to ask correctly about traumas, diagnoses and difficult life circumstances).

  4. Memo for the client of practices / mindfulness course on safety measures.

  5. Discounted invitations to mindfulness events hosted by or with UMTA.

  6. Checklists (examples) for mastering mindfulness skills that you can recommend to your client / group in the learning process.

Elements of the "Mindfulness Teacher Package" under development:

  1. A note to the psychologist/therapist your client/prospect is working with about mindfulness (for further advice on training practitioners in general, getting adaptive adjustments that the client can share with you in advance before or during mindfulness training).

  2. Trauma informed principles for mindfulness teachers: a selection of research and recommendations on the topic.

  3. Newsletters from UMTA with updated useful content on the topic of mindfulness (books, videos, research, audio).

  4. Invitation to the Mindfulness Teaching Laboratory: participation in the regular calibration and intervision sessions together with other mindfulness teachers, working on teaching case studies and brainstorming possible solutions and strategies.


Why invent the bicycle? Join the UMTA community and get a package to work!


We also undertake to regularly review the content, in accordance with trends, current research and popular issues in teaching mindfulness.

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